Video Pitch Competition

Are you participating in the Idea Competition and do you want to show off your video skills?

This year all participating teams in the Idea Competition can join the Video Pitch Competition. The team will pitch their idea in a short video, using the possibilities the video media offers.


As in the Idea Competition, the judges will evaluate the idea itself but also the way the team present their idea – is it done in an interesting way and does the show that they are able to use the video media and the different possibilities available?


Who and what?
The Video Pitch Competition is for all students participating in the Idea Competition. To join the Video Pitch Competition the team is required to have typed in their written idea presentation online. The evaluation and the result of the Video Pitch Competition will not count in the final result of the Idea Competition.


The winner of the Video Pitch Competition is the team who has created the best digital story about their idea using the video media.


Deadline for sending in your video and registering is Tuesday november 6 2018


Requirements for participation

  1. The team are participating in the Idea Competition and have typed in the written idea presentation.
  2. The team makes a max. 3 minute video telling the story about their idea.
  3. The video is made by the team itself. Getting help from friends and family is ok but professionel production is not allowed.
  4. Regardless of the language in the video, Danish subtitles are required. If the video continues to the final, it will be shown on a big screen for a big crowd so subtitles are necessary.
  5. The video is uploaded to Youtube and listed as ”Public”.



Check out the criteria for the Video Pitch Competition here.


If you need inspiration for digital storytelling, chech out this link.


When your video is ready, you upload it to Youtube, listing it as ”Public” and copy the link for the video. Put your link in the form below and fill in the rest of the information as well to register for the Video Pitch Competition.



Tilmelding til Videopitchkonkurrencen 2019 (Sign-up for the Video Pitch Competition)