Video Pitch Competition

Are you participating in the Idea Competition and do you want to show off your video skills?

Are you going to participate in the Idea competition at Danish Entrepreneurship Award? Then you have the opportunity to test your IT and media competencies by participating in the Video Pitch Competition.



Digital technologies and IT are now playing a bigger and more significant role in our society.

One of the fundamental terms is that more information is made digital, the focus is centered on the visual expression and the possibility to create and share content with a broad audience are huge.   

It is becoming more and more evident that is it crucial for young people to acquire IT and media competencies, to be able to participate and navigate in a digitalized society.

Acquired IT and media competencies means that you:

  • Understand media and its position and importance in society. Potentially all of Denmark or the entire world could be users of the content created by young people when shared on the internet.
  • Have the ability to communicate a targeted message and content creatively through media.
  • Know how to align the message and the objective with a production in relation to a defined target group.
  • Know how to choose and combine expressions – in regard to pictures, sounds and language.


The video format contains many possibilities. With video production you have the possibility to pursue creative ideas, practice visual presentation and create a meaningful content that is directed to a specific target group

By using smartphones, computers and iPads you have the possibility to easily create and record short videos, audio files and screencasts with voice-over.

The video pitch competition allows participants to practice their IT and media skills, when creating a video to present their idea and the teams. They must demonstrate their knowledge on how to use different forms of expression, to create a story showing their idea, their team, strengths and competencies.

Furthermore, the competition is a tool to learn how to present oneself, be aware and practice oneself appearance – which can be very useful both for exams and job interviews.


Who and what?
The Video Pitch Competition is for all students participating in the Idea Competition. To join the Video Pitch Competition, the team is required to have typed in their written idea presentation online. The evaluation and the result of the Video Pitch Competition will not count in the final result of the Idea Competition.


The process

When the deadline is reached, all videos will be viewed and 4 will be chosen for the finals. These will be viewed on a big screen during Danish Entrepreneurship Award and will be assessed by a panel of judges, after which the winner will be named, called on stage and handed the prize. Therefore, you cannot participate in the competition if you are not attending the Award show.


Winner of the competition is the team, that manage to create the best story about their idea, through digital communication. It is not necessarily the idea with the most news value who wins.


For submission of your video is Tuesday the 12th of November 2019.


What do we emphasis on in the video pitch?

The point is to make a pitch on video, that shows your idea and how it could create value.

Therefore, it is important to focus on knowledge on your idea, target group, data/studies or anything else that can support your idea.

The video must tell a story about your team, and the strengths and competencies your team features.

Throughout the video your team has the possibility to not only show a video of your group pitching, but to create a story about your idea through different means. Means such as graphs, visualization and pictures to bring out the most important in your pitch. 

The video is not meant to be a commercial, but a video pitch that potentially could be shown for future business partners and maybe also investors.

On the last page you will find the evaluation criteria.


Need for inspiration?

On the Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurships webpage for microgrants, we have gathered a list of advice on how to make a video pitch. In the link you can also find examples on video pitch, that have been contributing to helping applicants be awarded a microgrant.

Find inspiration for videopitch here!


Official requirements for participation

  1. The team are participating in the idea competition and have submitted their written idea description.
  2. The video is max. 2 minutes long telling the “story” of the idea and the team.
  3. The video is created by the team themselves. Help by family and friends are approved but a professional production is not allowed.
  4. No matter which language the video contains, it is required to provide Danish subtitles (Also required for Danish videos). If the video is selected for the final, it will be viewed on a big screen in front of the audience, therefore it is necessary with subtitles. After the competitions end, the video may be used on The Danish Foundation for Entrepreneurships social media platforms.
  5. The video will be uploaded to Facebook and will be available to the “Public”
  6. The team have to be present at Danish Entrepreneurship Awards, Thursday the 21st of November in Frederica to participate in the competition. 



Tilmelding til Videopitchkonkurrencen 2020 (Sign-up for the Video Pitch Competition)